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Lines goes android
Lines game is ported to android and available for free
20:37 05/12/09 - read on
Friendly link bekomes "Linkomatic"
I decided to take old link exchange system offline. Because it is, well, old and no longer state of the art. However, I developed new link exchange system (JTec Linkomactic) to replace it
20:35 05/03/07 - read on

Breakout play game

This game was played 44045 times.  

Classic breakout game. Bounce ball with the paddle and shot blocks away.
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Xonix play game

This game was played 188263 times.  

Xonix. Classic arcade game from 70ties. Capture parts of a field and avoid hazards
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SameGame play game

This game was played 2258742 times.  

SameGame. There is a lot of colored cells. Try to remove them all. To made this task easier, there are bombs & jokers. Only the smartest and toughest will get into highscore list...
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Missile command play game

This game was played 5086 times.  

Imagine yourself an american president with Hollywood background. Your objective is to protect your bases against ballistic missiles. (Yes, you've got the funding to built the SDI system!)
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Lines play game

  • Best player: Khachik Movsisyan
    (108206 points )
  • Best today: PsicoActiva
    (2561 points )
  • Your best result:
This game was played 3788267 times.

Got android phone? Lines app is released.Get it here

This game is a clone of famous russian board game which was played in almost every PC - equipped office in the 90 - 92. Now it's a java applet designed to help you overcome cubicle boredom. Game objective is to arrange color balls in a straigt lines, while new balls come on every turn.
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Stakan play game

This game was played 1468757 times.  

Well, not much to say. It's "pack falling tiles"-game. For a first time I seen it around 1983-1984 on a dumb ASCII terminals (VT-52) connected to PDP-8. Dumb ASCII terminals and PDP's became extinct, but not "stakan". This game survived in arcade machines, handheld devices, WindBlows PC's and other strange appliances. Now it's one click away from your browser window.
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Colors play game

This game was played 47206 times.  

Stakan is boring ? Play this game. Arrange colors in a straight lines instead of shapes.
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Moonraid play game

This game was played 67809 times.  

This game is true 3D action shooter. The goal is to fly spaceship over surface and shot aliens while staying on course. It requires relatively fast machine (faster that Pentium with 200 MHz)
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