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Breakout instructions play game

Use paddle to bounce ball back at the blocks. You can use either arrow keys or mouse to do this. Hit SPACE or click mouse to launch ball or to fire a missile. Use "P" to pause game. Mouse cursor must be inside playing field to steer the paddle.

Every block broken out gives you 10 points and bonus. The longer ball bouncess off other blocks and not off paddle, the bigger is this bonus.

Extra balls are available at 2000 points, at 5000 points and then every 5000 points.

When your last ball is lost, you will see highscore submission panel. Enter your name there , and press "Save Score" button to submit your achievement into hall of fame ( it will open new browser window, where you will see your placement ).

You will need java 1.1 enabled in your browser to play this game ( Netscape 4.06 and up is fine ).

Powerups & paddles       

Ordinary paddle.
Wide paddle.
Fire paddle. You can click the mouse or press space to fire missiles
Sticky paddle. Ball remains glued to the paddle. Click the mouse or hit SPACE to launch ball.
Multiple balls.
Gives sticky paddle.
Gives bottom bounce. Ball bounces off bottom, so you cannot lose it. Bounce line color changes from green to yellow and red before disappearing.
Gives wide paddle.
Gives fire paddle.
Gives you 100 points bonus and reverts paddle to normal.

Known problems

  • Netscape is known to take away input focus from the applets. So if applet does not react to keyboard you will have to click with the mouse inside the applet. If you encounter other problems during the game please send report to kpriblouda@yahoo.com
  • Java 1.1.6 and up is needed to play this.
  • Apple versions of netscape do not like java 1.1 very much.


Author of these games is not responsible for whatever harm may arise from use or unability to use of these games.

If you see a problem, or have something to say to author of this site, use this page


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