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Colors instructions play game

Game instructions

  1. Relax.
  2. Wait till applet downloads completely.
  3. Click with the mouse inside aplpet, that it can become keyboard focus.
  4. Click on the "New Game" button.
  5. Try to arrange falling color blocks in lines of three and more of the same color. Such blocks will be removed , and you will get points.
  6. Stay alive as long as possible and try to beat highscore.
  7. Every 15 minutes, pause game and make some hand exercices to prevent capral tunel syndrom. Your medical insurance company will thank you for this.
  8. Do not forget to enter your nickname into text field.

Game controls

  • "Player:" text field - Enter your nickname here for the highscores list.
  • "New Game" button - press to start new game.
  • "Save score" button - press to save your current score. This button will open new window and display your achievements.

Keyboard controls

  • Left and right buttons move tile as expected.
  • Up arrow rorates colors inside the tile.
  • Down arrow or space drop the tile.
  • Plus ( + ) button advances level.
  • "P" pauses the game.

On the right side you can see your current score, cureent highscore and actual level. There is also preview box for the colors of the next tile.

You do not have to stay online during the game. Internet connection is required only to submit highscores.


Author of these games is not responsible for whatever harm may arise from use or unability to use of these games.

If you see a problem, or have something to say to author of this site, use this page


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