Why do you need it?

Exchanging links with other websites is a best way to increase auditory and rank of your site in a search engines. JTec Linkomatic offers this service for you for free.

Old link exchange system of Yook.de was - well - old, inconvenient and not very user (me or you) friendly. It was not easy to administrate and control. It also allowed a lot of freeloading - I just do not had time to control whether links are placed properly on other pages. That's why I developed linkomatic.

JTec Linkomatic allows me (and you) to build link exchagnes. Just register your website, choose link partners and place script invocation in your html code. Then look for existing websites ready to exchange links, or invite your friends. Linkomatic will take care about the rest.

To use JTec Linkomatic on your website you only have to insert small piece of HTML code into approperiate place. JTec Linkomatic will take care about the rest. Please report all errors, typos and rough sports to me. Your ideas how to make it better are also welcome.

How to get it?

Get your account for free
You have to choose login name, provide your name and valid working email. You random generated password will be sent there. This email will be used to send you important administrative or contact messages (if you choose to accept them) or to send you new password in case you forgot old one.
Login to Linkomatic
Use registration data contained in welcome email sent to you. It is also wise to change random password to password of your choice.
Register your website[s]
Every website you register becomes own link rotation. This way you can choose what links are suitable to display on each of your websites.
Place html code on your page
To get HTML code for inclusion in your webpage, first open your website, and then copy/paste HTML-code into appropriate part of page. This code embedds small iframe which comes from linkomatic. You do not need any additional configuration of your webserver.
Choose suitable link exchange partners for your site
All websites registered for rotation are featured on this page. Inspect them carefully and request a link between them and your page. When you click on name of the website, you will see an overview ow websites trading links with this one. Once this link is approved by other party, rotation starts automatically.
Check your sites
Check status of your sites from time to time. Sites with pending administrative tasks are highlighted.