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Lines goes android
Lines game is ported to android and available for free
20:37 05/12/09 - read on
Friendly link bekomes "Linkomatic"
I decided to take old link exchange system offline. Because it is, well, old and no longer state of the art. However, I developed new link exchange system (JTec Linkomactic) to replace it
20:35 05/03/07 - read on
Important notification about Game status
I received a letter from (german) Lawyers of Elorg Inc, claiming that game "Stakan" (which I developed completely) infringes copyright on game "Tetris" by having similar "Look and Feel"
22:07 17/10/06 - read on
Yook.de was moved to new server
Yook.de is moved to new server. Sorry for possible inconvenience. Most things are working. If not - file support request. Highscore system is reactivated
16:52 20/07/06 - read on
Bush suks. Buck fush.
Bush likes to show everybody his importance - fine, but please somewhere else. This sissy is so affraid of terrorists that everything shall be blocked some 20 kilometers around.
09:27 23/02/05 - read on
There will be no free lunch anymore
Free highscore submission services will be disabled from 21.4.2003.
16:05 16/04/03 - read on
War crimes trial
So, USA likes to do war crimes trial. You shall start with your own president. What would you say if it were your kid?

Just in case young and innocent children are reading this. Your president ordered this, and your daddy and mommy paid for this bomb.
12:52 09/04/03 - read on

Fuck off amerika

USA decided that it can do whatever they like. And britons are happy brown nosing. (because they can not do anything without USA). This suks. Now I consider what can I do against USA and britany.
11:02 08/04/03 - read on

E-Bombs are not enough
So, much hyped E-Bombs did not help against Iraq. That's why americans try ti use SEX-Bombs.
11:07 01/04/03 - read on
Another patriotic dumbass from NJ writes
Support call logged at: Sat Mar 29 19:10:37 2003
Name: Anonymous
URL: http://www.yook.de/friends.html
Page: http://www.yook.de/friends.html
Cause: link
HaHaHa you asshole..... your number 1 "friend" ditched your links because of your racist pig 
remarks. I hope a stray missle lands on your mother's house.

16:10 30/03/03 - read on
Some moron just called me a pimp

So, that makes him a whore. No pimp can be without whores. He also tried to insult "my" allah - does he know that it the same god he maybe believes?

For 250 years he would be burned at a stake for such ideas...
17:35 25/03/03 - read on

Notice to all US and britain patriots
This resource is not for you. You are not welcome here. If you suport war on iraq, go somewhere else.

Notice to moron using IP ( appears to work for "Computer Telephone Corp.", 360 Second Ave. Waltham, MA, 02154, US ): All comments are still there. Fellow patriots shall call your employer so you maybe get raise for being patriotic.
10:17 25/03/03 - read on

Notice to members of US and UK armed forces and goverment
I just have couple of words to say to you. Only 2 words: fuck you. Go away from this website and come never back. I will treat such attempts as acts of war and reserve the right to retailate in way I see fit.

My skills are not for your enjoyment. I wish to all of you slow and painfull death. And may your offspring share the fate with countless children you murdered in last years.

Fuck you all

P.S. Piss off my wonderfull city of Wiesbaden ant take your fat woman and retarded children with you.

Just forgot. Follow the link. I publish dumbest comments there.
09:01 20/03/03 - read on

Please help me to track copyright violators
Dear users,

Recently I received reports that some persons violate my copyright and sell my games for profit. That is nothing else than theft.
15:06 06/11/02 - read on

Trashtest at Yook.de
Hi all,

Yook.de goes multiplayer. First multiplayer game is ready to be tested. Go to rendsu game page to register and start playing.

No personal data is collected there - just pich up your login name and password.

If you have to discuss something about this game and report problems, use flash chat or forum ( same login and password as you picked for playing game.
15:57 05/08/02 - read on

Please update same game applet
If you started to play SameGame in the last 30 minutes, please update your browser cache and reload game.

I made mistake and temporarily placed applet with error on the server. Problem is now corrected
17:50 27/07/02 - read on

Today is SysAdmin day
Congratulation to all the people who care that computer systems work properly. Today is your day.
12:25 26/07/02 - read on
Maintenance in progrees
Hi all, I finally got my server alive and kicking ( perl, mysql, apache - all had own ideas on how to perform ) Some things may not work properly right now.

I'm checking everything - so server restarts are likely...

Sorry for inconvenience
19:01 24/07/02 - read on

Server maintenance today

Hi all, today I'm doing server maintenance - you know, installin new software, patches, new perl version and whatever necessary.

This means short server outages may occur today.
11:30 24/07/02 - read on

Happy New Year!
Yook.de wisches happy new year to all it users. See you in 2002!
14:21 31/12/01 - read on
Yook.de needs your support
Stress and boredom on working place is not fun. Yook.de provides relief. You know it, and thousands of others too. But now it needs your support.
17:45 17/12/01 - read on
Today is SysAdmin day
Congratulation to all the people who care that computer systems work properly. Today is your day.
10:01 27/07/01 - read on
New game is upon us!!!!
New game on Yook.de is released. Go for Breakout!!! Special thanks to people at boardclub.de for beta testing and positive feedback.
14:23 21/02/01 - read on
Tnak You and Happy valentine day!!!!
Tonight the lines Game was played for 500000th time from page launch.
11:56 14/02/01 - read on
New game is available for beta test
Breakout game is available for beta-test.
19:18 13/02/01 - read on
Yook.de outage.
Yesterday most of you were unable to reach Yook.de. Cause was completely unrelated to my server or webhoster. Email services were not disturbed.
13:27 13/02/01 - read on
Happy new Year for everybody!
Yook.de wishes everybody who is able to read this message happy new year and millenium [this time it's really new millenium!]
15:32 31/12/00 - read on
New type of 3D charts available.
New type of 3D charts is available.

Go here to render your tower charts.

18:35 02/12/00 - read on
Beta testers wanted.
If you need pie charts from time to time, test this tool.
16:05 24/11/00 - read on
Thank You!!! Yook.de reaches 100000 pageviews per Month
I would like to thank all the fans of Yook.de for coming and playing my games. Without you this site would not be made.
19:56 31/10/00 - read on
Webmaster is waiting in chatroom
If you have something to say to the webmaster, I'm online for the next hour
18:16 27/10/00 - read on
New game at Yook.de
New game is released on Yook.de. This is a classic Xonix game. Go to http://www.yook.de/xonix/ to play.
11:49 05/10/00 - read on
Beta testers wanted.
New game for Yook.de is almost ready. Now you are invited to test it before it's released on yook.de.
18:52 30/09/00 - read on
Horror webmaster story.
Guys working for my webhoster seem to be unable to maintain correct name service. This lead to big outage today.

Shall Yook.de be unavailable in the near future, please try again. It's just weird DNS setup which prevents you from getting here. Read inside how to avoid this problem in future.
14:52 28/09/00 - read on

Server outage
Yesterday and today Yook.de experienced series of outages due to network changes at ISP faccilities.
10:52 27/09/00 - read on
Any lawyers around?
Well, this happened again. Some a*@#oles infringed copyright on my moonraid game...
09:09 08/09/00 - read on
New game is online
SameGame is now online. There is a lot of free place in highscore list...
13:34 29/08/00 - read on
New game for Yook.de almost ready.
New game for Yook.de is almost ready. Now it's in publiuc beta test phase. You have unique opportunity to influence game design.
18:58 27/08/00 - read on
Vebmaster goes offline
I'm going to vacation from 13th till 20th August. You cannot reach me during this time.
19:04 12/08/00 - read on
New Version of "colors" ready
New version of colors is ready for download
15:16 11/08/00 - read on
New Tetris version available
Tetris on Yook.de is updated. New version is also available for download.
12:48 10/08/00 - read on
Security alert!!!!
There is a new nasty bug around. It can be used to do nasty things on your machine. Unfortunately now it's java applet, affecting Netscape communicator...
20:35 08/08/00 - read on
Jokes & Tales shortage
There is jokes shortage at Yook.de. If you like to read jokes, then you may know a lot of them. Why not share with others?
09:41 07/08/00 - read on
Lines game played 200000 times
Lines game was played 200000 times. Thanks to all Lines fans.
16:08 30/07/00 - read on
Webmaster tools
Webmaster tools at Yook.de. Yook.de has new webmaster tools. Use them to generate meta tags for your web pages or shrink your HTML code.

Try it out!
17:54 16/07/00 - read on

Server downtime today
Today Yook.de and couple of others experienced longer downtime.
10:20 11/07/00 - read on
Webmaster is back.
I rode mountainbike against myself and won.
11:50 10/07/00 - read on
Jokes & Tales
No jokes on sunday & saturday because of sport event.
19:03 07/07/00 - read on
News ticker
Yook.de got news Ticker. Now you can always stay in touch with Yook.de
20:33 26/06/00 - read on
Jokes & Tales
Jokes & True tales at yook.de
20:27 26/06/00 - read on
Missile Command
New game at Yook.de - Missile Command.
20:24 26/06/00 - read on
<Your name>@Yook.de
Free email service at Yook.de. 6MB Mailbox.
20:21 26/06/00 - read on

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