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Rendsu game test       

Welcome to the new game. If you are first time here, please read thi page.

Important warning
This game is new and is here primarily for test of capabilites of game server developed by Net4U. Yook.de supplies game client. Server software is currently under development and test, so you may be kicked off game or lose connection without any warning. Best way to see this is to watch your java console for error messages.

As always there are no warranties that it would work and alo no responsibility from developers in case of any damages. Use at your own risk.

Technical requirements
If you are able to play games on yook.de, your java version is good enough. Applet connects to game server using port 11111, so if you use firewall be sure to open this port. If your admin does not allow you to do so, you are lost.
How to play
Rendsu is much like tic-tac-toe, but your goal is to get 5 figures in a row.Cross starts, first move is always center of field ( which is 19 by 19 ), second move of cross can not be placed within 5x5 rectangle around the middle. You move by clicking mouse pointer on desired field. There are indicators on the bottom which remind you which figure you play , and who is on the turn.

If game beeps when you try to move - move is not allowed.

During the play you have chat window - use it to communicate with your counterpart. Use "give up" button to give up, and to close game after it is over.

Logging in and starting game
First you have to log in using your username and password ( more on registering later... )

After login you will get dialog window where you can:

  • Offer new game. Player offering game plays cross. ( just hit "offer game" button )
  • Join offered game ( select one waiting player form the list and hit "join" button )
  • View running game ( select one of the running games from the list, and hit view button )

Of course you can cancel your game offer at any time. (as long nobody joined you)

Registrationi & login       

If you are already registered, you can proceed directly to game page .

To register enter your desired yousername and password, and hit "register". If this username is not yet taken, you will be redirected to game page.


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