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Xonix instructions play game

Short instructions

  1. Wait till applet downloads completely.
  2. Click with the mouse inside aplpet, that it can become keyboard focus.
  3. Press any key to start game.
  4. Use arrow keys to steer red dot.
  5. Use "P" to pause/unpause game.

How to play

You are steering red dot. You have to surround areas of a field with a path of red dot (they will bekome blue after this).

Avoid yellow (they can move only inside blue areas and your path) and green (moving on black field) dots. Every collision with them will cost you one live. Collision of green dot with your path (or crossing your own path) will aslo kill you.

Shall a green dot occur in the surrounded area, it will be captured.

Once you claimed predefined percentage of a field, the level is over (you can see actual / required percentage in the top right corner).

You will get a bonus for excess percentage and captured green dots.

You do not have to stay online during the game. Internet connection is required only to submit highscores.

Game history

I seen this game on the ASCII terminals of PDP-8 Machines in the mid-80. I'm not sure whether they originated from PDP, or from some arcade machine. It's still fun.


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